Young Entrepreneurs, Wannaprenuers, Early-Stage Startup Leaders ….

Engaging with Velectico as your tech partner in your startup journey could become the best decision that you take. Our curated Startup Digital program is a perfect platform for you to bring your ideas to life.We take care of building your POCs, MVPs, Prototypes while you can invest your time & resources on the most important task of creating a successful product


Where do we step in?

The journey from the technology idea to the actual launch of a product is in most cases a bumpy one. We almost everyday come across Young Entrepreneurs, Wannaprenuers, Early-Stage Startup Leaders who are overwhelmed with all the moving parts and the demands of various stakeholders. This is where we try to step in and offload some of those responsibilities and worries

How do we help?

The Startup Digital Program is a matured set of process that allows startups to digitise their concepts by rapidly building POCs, MVPs, Prototypes and final product. Our team will analyze your technology idea and present a proposal of how we can help you realize them and make them a success.

Outcomes we produce

Startup Digital Program allows entrepreneurs to focus on business issues leaving the onus of technical delivery on us. We validate, curate, plan, design & make your idea ready in whatever form you want – POC, Prototype, MVP or the Final Product.

Why do we stand out?

As partners in the journey we are always eager to help and make your venture successful. Apart from our acumen & capabilities in core IT development, our CTO-On-Call add-on offering as part of the Startup Digital Program allows us to provide executive-level consulting &advisory on technology strategy, best-practices, portfolio digitization & transformation, launch & roll-out, scalability and cloud infrastructure to name a few. Amazingly, all these value delivery is made available at an extremely optimized cost structure for all our services.

The Operating Model

The Startup Digital Program consists of
2 key phases – Launch & Propel.


During this phase your idea is converted into reality at a rapid pace. POC, Prototypes or MVPs will be created to launch your product idea and assist you socialize your product will all the stake-holders

Idea Validation

Product - Project Definition & Planning

Prototyping & MVP


This is the phase when you release the finished the product to the market and target towards garnering market share and beating competition. The final product needs to innovate and improve continuously to maintain its growth trajectory

Market Ready Product

Scale & Grow

Continuous Improvement & Innovate

Timelines For Deliverables

Proof of Concept Prototype Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Definition Testing evidence about the viability of a product concept Preliminary version of a product to show the look and feel Actual product with a minimum number of features needed for the client’s needs
Purpose Show product feasibility and verify its potential Validate design concepts Try out the product to identify how it can be improved
Development Time Days or weeks 2-4 weeks 2-6 months
Use case When you are unsure of a product idea or when there are several ways to implement an idea When you want to test a product design concept When you want to launch a product to the market after validating technical and design possibilities
Testing In-house In-house with a small audience of target users Wide target audience

Why Us?

Dependable & Trusted Partner

  • We understand the challenges and provide our inputs wherever possible

  • We can provide executive level IT advisory through our CTO-On-Call offering

  • We are aware of the fast changing demands and are flexible & nimble in our approach

  • We provide complete transparency on our progress, which build trust and confidence in the outcome

  • We know product development is evolving process and are prepared to engage and assist as long-term partners

Technical Empowerment

  • We bring a broad spectrum of software development expertise across web, mobile & desktop - all under one roof.

  • We bring our experience from software, infrastructure and offerings and will provide you suggestions/consultations

  • We perform Idea validation at the onset and provide our inputs to improve and augment the technical solution

Cost Benefits

  • With our offshore leveraged delivery structure our costing structure is extremely affordable

  • With our experience of the technology domain, we are able to plan an optimized model which allows for cost savings and focussed delivery

  • We ensure complete clarity in our pricing models to ensure a predictable commercial structure

Ability to Scale

  • With the skilled & talented team at our disposal, we are capable of scaling the team to meet most demand spike

  • The demands for scale comes on multiple fronts – development, roll-outs & support – and we are capable to handle this with our experience

About Us

Velectico is an IT and Consulting company catering to all your business and outsourcing needs related to Custom Software development, Mobile App development, Web Application development and Cloud related Services.

Velectico is led and managed by industry experts having extensive experience on software development and services

Velectico has been worked across most industry verticals withs customers across the globe

Proven Capability of delivering successful projects across the globe

Large talent pool at disposal for scalability

Round the clock Service Delivery Capability

Committed Leadership focus on every engagement

Exceptional On Time Delivery & SLA Track Record

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