Mobile App Development

What to identify before developing a mobile app

There are a few attentions to go over before investing time and resources into creating a mobile app. However, developing an app includes proper planned steps, but planning a calculated digital solution may be challenging.


Decide your operating system

Currently, there are two primary operating systems: iOS and Android. If your app be a native app, then development will specifically for a certain OS, On the other hand, cross-platform framework app that works for both iOS and Android may be best for future development targets.


Understand your target audience

Understand the target users is crucial before developing the app. It is necessary to analyse the user’s goals, their necessity and above all preferences and the platforms and mobile devices they use. Understanding the audience will help you to make the market as well as to keep the user happy.


Concept proof your app idea

Before jump into the venture consider whether the app may be a solution to an existing system. How much it will be helpful for people and if the app is organization specific, consider how the digital solution approach will help the company’s goals.


Market survey

Do survey to make sure that your app strategy is unique to you or your company and user-friendly for your target users and similar type of many apps are not already existing in the market.


Plan your app design and security

This area is something where you have to be most focused because app design is key to its success. The UI design must be easy to understand, so that more users can use it. The People have their sensitive information on their phones so developer have to make sure about data protection and privacy settings.

How to move when building an application

Whatever you can imagine we can deliver but building an app isn’t something that can happen overnight. These are the following procedures to launch the app successfully.

  • Establish a team
  • Conduct competitive research
  • Outline core features
  • Create mock-ups
  • Plan app security
  • Begin coding
  • Perform multiple tests
  • Gather and implement feedback
  • Launch in the app store
  • Support and Monitoring

The app development process is performed with the help of people. A mobile application has a lot of complex elements that have to come together.

App development team must include

  • Senior Product manager
  • UX/UI designer:
  • Mobile developer
  • Quality assurance analyst
  • Digital marketer

Two approaches of building mobile applications:

1Native Apps
2Cross Platform

Mobile apps can be build using Native language to target a particular operating system either iOS or Android. Depending upon operating system you are developing for, your applications are coded in a specific programming language.

Java is used as native language for Android apps. It is independent of all platforms and can be used for different OS like Android, iOS, Windows etc.

Objective-C or Swift is used as native language for iOS apps. Objective C is more compatible with every version of iOS and doesn’t need regular changes with version changes and that the reason in terms of backward compatibility Objective C is more stable than swift.

Mobile apps can be build using cross platform which will work for multiple operating systems.

Top 3 cross platforms for mobile app development


Xamarin is used for building iOS, Android, and Windows app. Main advantage of Xamarin is that it allows developers to reprocess code across multiple platforms. It uses advanced programming knowledge like C# and .NET.


Flutter is an open-source mobile app development platform created by Google. Developers can build apps for Android, iOS, and the web using an only single codebase and get benefit from range of features and tools that will make the app visually appealing as well as responsive. Flutter also provides a range of tools and services for building the backend .It also includes integration with services and tools for user authentication, data storage, and push notifications. Flutter use Dart as a programming language.

React Native

React Native is a popular mobile app development platform created by Meta. Native apps for iOS and Android are build using React Native. It uses JavaScript as a programming language and also the React library to offer a range of tools and services for building, testing, and deploying apps. It is considered one of the greatest options for creating smooth and seamless user experience.It uses JavaScript as a programming language.