Micro Mentoring Marketplace

Conceptualised by an international group of investors, this is India’s first micro mentoring marketplace


Create a web-based platform for setting up India’s first micro mentoring marketplace. The platform would allow users to book short, personalized video feedback on their work from A-list experts, live and recorded. For an example get one’s song reviewed by a famous music artist or one’s business pitch fine-tuned by an experienced investor. All this at the payment of a nominal fee.


Velectico developed a user friendly but eye-catching portal for the Beta Launch of the portal. Apart from the general available interface, Velectico built a very detailed admin portal which allowed the customer to dynamically configure the website as well as manage all the processes/transactions/master-data of their clientele.

This was extremely time sensitive and the entire Go-To-Market strategy was reliant on the fact how Velectico would be able to scale under the time constraints but still deliver a high quality product. Leveraging its experience and the mix of right talents around technical architecture , delivery and management, Velectico took up the challenge and was able to deliver a high-quality, on-time result.


5000 registered users in 3 months - The responses to the Beta release have been very encouraging and people have shared positive feedback on the usability and looks of the website

Velectico’s work and partnership is highly appreciated by the customer

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